Rosehill Farm Boarding Kennels Booking and Vaccination Requirements and Advice
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Rosehill Farm Boarding Kennels in Beautiful Buckinghamshire Countryside
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Rosehill Farm Boarding Kennels are operated by Maggie Higgins, and her staff, to provide a personal and very high quality service that ensures a level of boarding simply not found anywhere else.

We seek to provide a relaxed environment for your dogs but there are some basic rules that must be adhered to for the safety, and health, of all our customers animals.

A current, valid & appropriate Certificate of Vaccination and/or their annual booster will be required for Inspection at the time of admission. There are no exceptions, no valid kennel cough vaccination, no boarding

Please note we require that all dogs have also had a kennel cough vaccination, (follow this link for more information)

This vaccine is a live vaccine that must be given at least 5 days before boarding  

Please seek the guidance of your veterinary practitioner at least 14 days before boarding to discuss any concerns you may have about these vaccinations.

Dogs will NOT be accepted for boarding without a Current, Appropriate & Valid Veterinary Certificate of Vaccination, there are no exceptions

VETERINARY ATTENTION. Whilst animals boarded at Rosehill Farm Boarding Kennels receive all possible care and attention, they are boarded at the risk of the owner, the owners & management of the kennels can accept no liability.

Rosehill Farm Boarding Kennels operates 365 days a year, although we are not open to customers on Christmas Day.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday                                08:30 - 11:00    &     14:30 - 17:30

Sundays & Public Holidays                       08:30 - 11:00    &     16:00 - 17:30


Visiting Times

You are welcome to visit, see our facilities and meet the team, but please do so during the times below, Rosehill can be a very busy environment and outside of these times it would be very difficult to give you our undivided attention 

Monday to Saturday                     09:30 - 11:00  &   14:30 - 15:30

Sundays & Public Holidays
          09:30 - 11:00

If you cannot make it in these times please call and make an appointment 

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